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About Haywards Heath Town Youth FC

Haywards Heath Town Youth FC was formed in 2020, originally Haywards Heath Blues. Our 2023/2024 season introduces our girls’ teams playing in the JPL league, with our other teams playing in the Crawley league, Horsham, Mid Sussex, and Sussex Sunday youth league.

We passionately provide football, and players will be coached by our team of qualified officials, all of whom hold coaching badges from level one upwards, along with Emergency aid, safeguarding and are all DBS checked.

The youth have strong links with the senior club and their coaching team, with our older players training alongside both the men and women’s squads.

Pathway of player and personal progression:

Our Club is built on the foundations of developing players with a view to long term progression into the senior team at Haywards Heath Town FC. We are also about developing skills and behaviours for life beyond football. That’s really important to us.

Focus on development alongside being competitive:

The long-term aim is to develop better players and better people, using football as the vehicle to create memories that will last a lifetime. We will not waiver from that commitment for the sake of winning a football match and believe in our principles. However, we also believe that football is a competitive game played between two teams and striving to win will always be part of how we approach sport.  

We care about enjoyment and learning:

It is essential that we create an environment for all people within the Club that they enjoy and in which they also learn. For players, this doesn’t mean that everything is rosy; we know that learning can be hard, people make mistakes and games can be won and lost. 

Priority through younger age groups is individual development before the team:

Football is a team game played by individuals and our long-term focus is about developing better players for our Senior team. We will develop players that understand different roles across the team and have a robust, technical base to skilfully apply to the different demands placed on them within the game. All players will learn to play in different positions!

The player is the syllabus:

We will have a programme to help everyone (our player curriculum) and how that is applied will recognise that different players will need different parts at different times. The skill of our coaches will be to develop this through a programme of coaching that focuses on their individual needs. There will be a focus on the development of their psychological skills to ensure we develop ‘thinking’ players that have a solid and broad skill set also.

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